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Studies in African Philosophy

Edited by Prof. Dr. J. Obi Oguejiofor, Prof. Dr. Godfrey I. Omah, Prof. Dr. Mogobe Ramose

The Series: Studies in African Philosophy is a forum for the publication and wider dissemination of researches and reflections of value on all aspects of African philosophy. While recognising the special advantage of interdisciplinary approach in modern scholarship, it retains a special predilection for works that have special African philosophic import.

Innocent I. Asouzu
Ibuanyidanda (Complementary Reflection) and Some Basic Philosophical Problems in Africa Today
Sense Experience, "ihe mkpuchi anya" and the Super-maxim
Bd. 8, 2013, 120 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90316-7

Ike Odimegwu
Integrative Personhood
A Communalist Metaphysical Anthropology
Bd. 7, 2008, 208 S., 19.90 EUR, 19.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-8258-1476-2

Innocent I. Asouzu
The Heavy Burden Of Philosophy Beyond African Philosophy
Bd. 6, 2007, 336 S., 24.90 EUR, 24.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-8258-0538-8

Vernantius Emeka Ndukaihe
Achievement as Value in the Igbo/African Identity: The Ethics
Perspectives in the light of Christian normative/value systems. Nachwort von Prof. Peter Fonk
Bd. 5, 2006, 448 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-9929-2

Innocent I. Asouzu
The Method and Principles of Complementary Reflection in and beyond African Philosophy
Bd. 4, 2005, 536 S., 49.90 EUR, 49.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-8578-X

Ukoro Theophilus Igwe
Communicative Rationality and Deliberative Democracy of Jürgen Habermas: Toward Consolidation of Democracy in Africa
Bd. 3, 2005, 520 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-7908-9

African Philosophy and the Hermeneutics of Culture
Essays in Honour of Theophilus Okere. Edited by J. Obi Oguejiofor and Godfrey Igwebuike Onah
Bd. 2, 2005, 376 S., 39.90 EUR, 39.90 CHF, gb., ISBN 3-8258-8217-9

J. Obi Oguejiofor (ed.)
Philosophy, Democracy and Responsible Governance in Africa
Bd. 1, 2003, 640 S., 49.90 EUR, 49.90 CHF, gb., ISBN 3-8258-7105-3

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