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Rocío G. Davis and Sämi Ludwig, eds.
Asian American Literature in the International Context
Readings on Fiction, Poetry, and Performance
Reihe: Contributions to Asian American Literary Studies
Bd. 1, 2002, 272 S., 25.90 EUR, 25.90 CHF, br., ISBN 3-8258-5710-7

In their different and yet complementary perspectives, all of the essays in Asian American Literature in the International Context: Readings on Fiction, Poetry, and Performance reiterate the universal lesson of pluralism. They are divided into sections that deal with biraciality and biculturality, interethnic negotiations, poetic creations, narrative experiments, and (re)constructing self. The wide variety of approaches reflects the contributors' training in different cultures and across cultures. It showcases refreshing new perspectives in reading that combine the views of literary scholars from three different continents. This collection creates a space for discussion and commentary, of heightened appreciation and increased creativity, a forum that turns the discipline of Asian American Studies into a truly intercultural debate.

Rocío G. Davis lehrt am Modern Languages Department der University of Navarre in Pamplona (Spanien).

Sämi Ludwig lehrt am English Department der Universität Bern (Schweiz).

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